Path will help you leverage the Venture OS and get your concept, project, or business on the right Path to a Billion.

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What is Path?

Path is a new tool that can be used for any new or existing innovation, venture or idea within ABI or ZX. It helps manage early stage businesses by leveraging start-up processes and mechanics from the ZX Ventures videos, templates and project management tools that have helped 50+ ventures validate/invalidate over 1000 assumptions.

By using Path users can identify the current stage of their project or innovation and find the right knowledge, tools and connections to take it through the growth stages.

Why we use it?

Brand new ideas and start-ups are not just “small versions of big businesses”, they are businesses that have not yet fully discovered what their business actually is. These ventures are driven by a large number of assumptions about the product, consumer and business model.

With so much uncertainty, they need to focus on validating these assumptions first and foremost. It’s a case of using the right tool for the right job at the right time.

Who should use it?

This tool is useful for anyone who wishes to build a new business or idea that has a higher degree of market or technical uncertainty, or, who wishes to leverage some start-up techniques to guide them in the early stages of validation of a new venture.