Zx Ventures

Brewing up the Future, Today.

ZX Ventures is a global growth and innovation group within AB InBev, the world’s leading global brewer and one of the world’s top five consumer products companies. Launched in 2015, our mandate is to develop new products and businesses that address emerging consumer needs. We operate multiple global business units of varying adjacency to our core beer business: international craft & specialties beer, eCommerce, homebrewing, brand experience, and exploration.

We are here to invest ahead of the curve: seeding, launching, and scaling new products that deliver exceptional consumer experiences and bring people together.  Our products are diverse and interesting, spanning items such as: unique beverages that shape emerging categories, physical bar experiences that offer new ways to consume our beers, at home devices that empower consumers to customize their own beverages, services that step-change convenience via eCommerce and delivery, and more. 

How we Deliver the Dream


Learning by Doing

Zx Ventures is constantly assessing, testing, and investing in contemporary solutions and technologies that have the potential to disrupt our core business. In order to create the future we need to understand what has (and hasn’t worked) in the past. As a result, Zx Ventures is dedicated to creating and analyzing the data necessary for determining our ideal strategies, products and technologies. We believe that the more we know and learn about our consumers and products, the better chance we have of anticipating their needs in the future. Combining this analytical perspective with collaborative intuition on the fly has allowed Zx Ventures to make decisions effectively and stay ahead of market trends.

MAINTAIning Consumer Bonds

Our goal is to make products, services, and technologies that bring people together and provide solutions for consumer needs. We want to positively impact society and our environment and celebrate the best this life has to offer. We're not afraid to break the mold of  tradition, including launching businesses that sell directly to our customer-base. Yes, our aim is to generate profits, but those won’t come without first creating smiles, laughs and making the world a better place through innovative products, technologies, experiences and services. The more positive connections we facilitate, the more we learn about our consumers and products, and the better chance we have of anticipating their needs in the future.We truly believe that the consumer is the boss and constantly center our actions around what best fits their needs.

Utilizing The Right Connections

 We have access to the resources, logistics, distribution, media, business intelligence and technology of the fifth-largest consumer packaged goods company in the world, with a formidable presence on every inhabitable continent. This gives us the ability to use their core research, technology, manpower, and distribution networks to make a major difference in testing and validating our hypotheses with unparalleled speed and voracity. We go even further by partnering with the top start-ups, thinkers, designers, engineers and technologists to work together in launching small ideas in very big ways. Zx Ventures' people and collaborators are the most important assets in achieving our goals.

Planning The Future

In order to innovate and create a better future, you have to be a bit heretical. We question everything. What are people drinking today? Why? What are the trends that are emerging or will emerge in the future? How will ever-changing and intermingling global cultural shifts impact what consumers want? What technologies can and should exist to create those market opportunities? Our business demands we ask these questions daily to ensure we're always prepared to offer the best answer. Supporting our plan for a realized better tomorrow is the dedication of our focus and resources to smaller opportunities that carry powerful upsides.

exceptional talent

Achieving the goal of disrupting our industry and charting a new course requires unstoppable talent. We’re hiring those who seek impossible challenges, along with all the freedom and resources to bring their innovative ideas and solutions to life. From engineers, strategists, and data analysts to product managers, designers, and creative dreamers, we’re looking for people who are motivated to make their mark on a global level. Are we looking for you?

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