Guilherme Lebelson

Guilherme Lebelson is the Global VP of eCommerce for ZX Ventures in New York City. He previously worked as the Head of eCommerce Brazil for ZX Ventures. We sat down with Guilherme to hear about his experiences and how he’s advanced his career over the years.


What have you and your team accomplished recently?

Everything has been new recently because ZX Ventures itself is new. As we grow as an organization, we’re constantly reshaping the way we define ourselves and our roles. But before I began this global role, I was running our eCommerce business in Brazil, and I’d like to highlight some of team’s great accomplishments there. We had the opportunity to design something novel and ended up creating the biggest beer e-store in the country, We also went after new types of innovative models that could get people connected to our dream of providing great experiences and great beer, anytime, anywhere, like our Zé Delivery service. Everything in Brazil’s eCommerce scene has been exciting and fast moving, and all of those initiatives translate to our global business.

How did you get started working with AB InBev and then with ZX Ventures?

This was actually my first job ever. I started out as an intern, and enjoyed my internship so much that I came on board full-time through our Global Management Trainee program. I’ve stayed with the company ever since. Most of that time I’ve been in Brazil, but I’ve had numerous different roles over the years. I’ve worked everywhere from our headquarters, to heading up businesses in a variety of regions. I’ve had wonderful leadership opportunities in that time and have gotten to work with a lot great people.

And then I was invited to join the team when we launched ZX Ventures. It’s the way we work here: if you’re delivering excellent results and living by the culture, you’re rewarded with great challenges and opportunities. ZX Ventures was the next opportunity for me.

What do you consider your most significant contribution with the company?

 Everything that has happened in my career has brought me to where I am in my life, and truthfully, I wouldn’t want to choose one moment or one experience to focus on. A career shouldn’t be about delivering one single success story. Each of us provides a variety of stories about many different successes – and a few honest mistakes. We’re constantly stretching ourselves, not staying attached to any specific experience. That’s not just my individual story—it’s the story of AB InBev as a company too. We’re aiming for long-term success, and focusing on the journey of how we got there.

What’s the main life lesson you’ve learned through your professional career that you’ve applied to your personal life?

There is no such thing as personal life versus professional life: everything you do is just life. In my opinion, if you feel like you must turn a key to switch yourself from being in your professional mode over to your personal life, then something is wrong. That’s what I’ve learned from the culture. Everything you do is part of the same life, and you shouldn’t feel like you need to partition parts of yourself off to move from your work life to your home life. It’s been a real lesson for me in terms of finding success and happiness. You have to be the same person and live your same life wherever you are.