Andre Rossler

Andre Rossler is the Global VP of Finance at ZX Ventures. He took this role after serving in a variety of roles for Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) and its predecessor AmBev. We caught up with Andre recently to hear about his career with the company.

How did you get started with ZX Ventures and AB InBev before that?

I’ve been with this one company for my whole career. Sometimes I shake my head about that—I never would have imagined that I’d stay with one employer for 19 years. But I’ve worked in so many different roles that it doesn’t seem possible that it’s only been with one company. One of the reasons I’ve stayed engaged over the years is that this company is not afraid to put people in roles that stretch their capabilities. Several times I’ve been transferred to a role or a division where I was completely out of my depth and had to start from scratch to learn what I needed to know. I’ve worked in 13 different positions, some of which weren’t at all related to my background. I started in finance, which is what I knew about, but then I’ve also worked in logistics and sales, and in 2008, I was offered an opportunity to run a brewery and supply company. That was totally out of my comfort zone. With 500 employees working around the clock, I had to learn to step up and be a leader in a whole new way.

It’s incredible that in this one company you can have such diverse jobs, in all kinds of different places. Starting out in one department or role here does not mean you’re pigeonholed in that type of role for the rest of your life. If you work hard and deliver results, while staying open to new ideas, the opportunities are going to come to you. You can grow and build your career here in amazing ways. When you absorb the knowledge from each of those new opportunities and embrace the culture, it’s really exciting to watch where your career can go.

What do you love about the culture here?

I love how we value ownership, which is such an inherent part of working at AB InBev. Since the very beginning, because of our culture, I’ve been thinking of my work as an owner. I don’t mean just owning a single project or role, but actually thinking and acting as if this is my company. When I’m responsible for the company’s success and I’ll benefit from that success, then at every stage I’m going to speak up about what I think is working and what’s not right. When you’re an owner, your whole approach changes. People who embrace that culture of ownership share the same successes that I’ve enjoyed over my years here.

There’s another benefit that springs from working with ownership, and honestly, it’s the financial rewards. It really is a two-way relationship: AB InBev appreciates that I’ve put my blood, sweat, and hard work into the company, and it rewards me for those efforts. This is the only company I’ve worked for in my life, so everything I have is thanks to my work here.

How has it affected you to work in different locations for the company?

I can’t see myself working in a single place for a long time! Whenever you change your environment or move to a new place, you’re automatically going to learn a lot, both in your professional life and in your personal life. Every time you learn to exist in a new culture or a different reality, you’re more experienced. You really do become a better human being for the diversity of your experiences. It helps you deal with different situations and challenges better.