Why We Use Experiences to Build Brands


By Sergio Esteves

Every interaction with a strong, memorable brand—every sip, Instagram post, or point of discovery—combines to create a unified brand experience. Do you recall the first beer you ever had? Can you remember how cold the glass felt in your hand or the weight of it? What about that new cell phone you eagerly awaited? Do you remember what it was like getting the box, opening it, and turning on your phone for the first time? These moments and events, while not directly related to the product’s use or function, are integral to how a consumer feels about and engages with a product.

When customers have a positive experience with a product, they are more likely to tell people about that experience. Others then want to engage with the brand to create their own memorable experiences. This process creates value for the brand and is crucial to growth. But when customers don’t have anything to talk about—or, worse, when they only have bad experiences to share—how can a brand expect to grow?

At ZX Ventures, we know that a consumer’s authentic experience with a product—especially beer—is more important than ever before. In fact, 63% of customer experience decision-makers say that customers’ experience has risen in importance in the last few years (Forrester Research). Coupled with the fact that 95% of people who have a bad experience are going to tell others about it (Dimensional Research), it’s easy to see why we are so invested in creating the optimal consumer experience from beginning to end.

This is why we set up the Brand Experiences team. We work to make sure that we are with consumers from their first sip of a new style of beer to the first time they introduce others to the beers that changed their drinking experience. We value each of these moments as much as our customers do.

To create the best possible experience for a customer, we take a 360-degree approach to our brands. We work at each and every touchpoint a customer will encounter to communicate the brand’s soul. This isn’t just about making great beer or beautiful packaging; it’s about being with consumers at every point, encouraging them to tell their story using our products.

At the end of the day, customers won’t necessarily recall a brand that they’ve only seen on TV, but they will recollect the moments in their lives that our brands enabled. If they remember how the TV ad, the brewpub aesthetic, and the product itself all came together to tell one authentic story, that story will become part of their own journey. We use every aspect of our brands and product to connect consumers to the heart and soul behind them, no matter where they are. We want a person drinking a Goose Island IPA in China to experience the same feeling as someone sitting in the Goose Island brewpub in Chicago.

We can’t do that unless we work as a team filled with a diversity of thoughts and experiences all connected by a shared passion for great craft beer. Our unified passion is what allows us to create memorable brand experiences for consumers around the world.