Paul: Dreaming Bigger @ ZX


Prior to Columbia Business School, I was a brand strategy consultant. I worked with top companies across the CPG and retail space. I took on global projects, helping billion-dollar brands to identify consumer trends and craft corresponding strategies to drive topline growth. I loved the work, but I was tired of hopping from project to project, from company to company.

At Columbia, I aimed to find a marketing or strategy role at one of the very companies I had consulted for. I wanted to help build and grow a company over the long-term. My only point of concern was entering the bureaucracy of a large organization. As a consultant, I had seen passion and great ideas get crushed by this bureaucracy. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to help build great products and brands at a global scale, but I wanted to do it without any of the restrictions or red tape that too often come with large organizations.

I considered and subsequently ruled out company after company – until I found ZX. At ZX, I saw the opportunity to work on deliver impactful work on a truly global scale. With the infrastructure of AB InBev available to them, brands in ZX are supercharged for growth. Additionally, with its distinct organizational structure, ZX is free from the restrictions of a large organization. This marriage of a startup mentality with the resources of a large organization was immediately appealing to me.

Today, I partner with our Craft and Specialties beer brands to help them drive growth. I take on 3 to 4 projects a year, which can be anywhere in the world spanning Strategy, Supply, Sales or Marketing. Next week I will be in Korea working to optimize our product portfolio as the craft revolution begins to take hold there. After this project wraps up, I will either find myself in Argentina or the UK.

At ZX, I am truly an owner. I work with our teams in market to find projects where I can deliver impact. I then go out and execute. Because we are part of AB InBev, we have the connections, experience and resources to have a huge impact. Because we are ZX, we have the freedom to operate nimbly and dream bigger.

I have been blown away by the opportunity ZX has afforded me, and I am excited to see where my path goes from here.