Culture at ZX Ventures: Working With the Best

By Carol Guerra

At ZX Ventures, we focus on being our best and working with the best people we can. We like to say that we hire people who are better than we are! Working with top talent makes every day exciting, helps us continually think outside the box, and gives us reason to believe that we can achieve the impossible. More concretely, though, the two primary reasons for our focus on working with the best can be described as enhancing our present and building our future.

In the present, we believe that we all learn and achieve more when we are surrounded by diverse people working in a cohesive, thoughtful group. A community of passionate, intelligent, ambitious creators can always achieve more than one individual trying to think through a problem on his or her own. When you bring the best to the table the potential for growth is limitless.

One of the keys to our creative growth is diversity. While we are an equal opportunity employer that appreciates all types of diversity, at ZX Ventures, we seek more than just beer experts but people with backgrounds in design, technology, other beverages, or the business world at large. We are looking for a diversity of personal backgrounds, nontraditional life experiences, and wide-ranging work histories. By continually pushing ourselves to find and hire the best candidates with the best skills, regardless of where they are currently working, we accomplish that diversity of thought organically, bringing us to the next level of teamwork.

And it’s not just the present that benefits from being surrounded by the best: it’s the key to our future too. We at ZX Ventures are here for the long-run and we believe in building long-term careers with our incredible people and promoting them at the pace of their own talent. This is not a short-term experiment or a limited enterprise. Having the best people on board helps us to stay ahead of the curve, predicting and adapting to future demands no matter how global markets may shift. We are here to build a better future for ourselves, for AB InBev, and for everyone the world over.

If you view yourself as one of the best of the best, check out our open positions!