Teamwork at ZX Ventures

By Martin Suter

I was recently asked to describe my biggest personal accomplishments with ZX Ventures. While I’m always happy to talk about what my team has achieved, I’m personally hesitant to lay claim to those successes. As they say, “success has many fathers,” and many mothers as well! Here at ZX Ventures, we work with and within great teams of incredible people, all of whom help execute our vision.

For example, before I moved to Shanghai to head up the China eCommerce team for ZX Ventures, I worked with our United Kingdom team to identify businesses we might acquire or work with in the European market. We met with InterDrinks and Beer Hawk and ended up completing transactions with both in the first quarter of 2016. That was such a great experience—not only working with a fantastic team in the UK office but also seeing what has happened since. It’s now been about nine months since the acquisitions, and I’ve gotten to see how both companies have unlocked their growth in that time, using the resources of ZX Ventures and its parent AB InBev. Watching from the sidelines as those companies have blossomed has been awesome.

But that isn’t my personal success—it’s the product of our team working together. We create far more together than I could working on my own. Yes, we work synergistically, building off each other’s ideas to create great new methods and approaches, but just being around people like we have here can push all of us to be better.

One of my team members here in China is a perfect example of this. In China, your path in life is usually dictated, in large part, by where you were born or what region your family is from. This person is from an industrialized area where education isn’t valued highly and where most people go straight to work without focusing on school. Despite this background and the cultural forces around him, he managed to get into the top schools here and then to continue his studies in France. So, he’s worked incredibly hard to get to where he is and he has such tremendous discipline. Now, he’s joined on with ZX Ventures, and every day, his motivation just shines through. Having people like this on our team inspires all of us. You don’t want to let down someone who’s worked so hard or has so much potential. We have people who are betting their entire lives on their careers with us.

Teams at ZX Ventures are far more than the sum of their parts. Rising to the level of our smartest and most dedicated employees drives us all to succeed.