+ Brand Experience (Retail & Merchandising)

ZXperience creates new consumer touch points for our brand portfolio through the incubation and development of brand-extending businesses aligned with today’s experience economy.

With a primary focus in retail, apparel, merchandise and consumables, our dream is to create rich experiences that enable consumers to live our brands across a multitude of moments at home, in the bar and around the globe.

+ E-commerce (e-Retail, e-Stores, Data & Omni-channel)

ZX eCommerce seeks to utilize digital platforms to transform the way consumers experience beverages. We connect with consumers along their beverage journey by creating value-added products for them and their personal beverage needs, from discovery and education to trial, purchase and replenishment.

+ Explore (Accelerator & Venture Capital)

While most of ZX Ventures is developing business models that operate today or in the very near future, Explore is looking at alternative business models that fall into a variety of strategic growth opportunity areas. ZX Explore works to incubate and accelerate concepts and companies, both internal and external, which can leverage the expertise behind AB InBev’s brands and distribution globally.

ZX Explore is also making investments as part of a global Explore Portfolio with the goal of funding founders and concepts to aid in their growth. Ultimately ZX Explore aims to identify the disruptors in their industry and work with them to solve consumer problems in ways nobody ever conceived possible. This is done through the combination of the founders' insights, our unique Explore concept validation model and the expertise of AB InBev as a global CPG company.

+ HomeBrewing

The ZX Ventures Homebrewing team operates and supports Northern Brewer, the #1 homebrew equipment and ingredient supplies in the US. The goal is to make homebrewing as popular and accessible as cooking, turning beer enthusiasts into brewers. Through online and retail stores, homebrewing supplies and equipment are sold directly to consumers.

+ Specialties (Marketing, Sales & Operations)

Our Specialties team is a global collective of craft and heritage beer and from around the world. Some of the brands include: Wals and Colorado in Brazil; Boca Negra and Cucapa in Mexico; Camden Town in the UK and Birra del Borgo in Italy, among others.

The goal is to cultivate the most exciting and innovative portfolio of international craft and specialty beer and bring it to consumers across international markets. We strive to provide the best beer experience possible and to support a growing community of brewers, connecting them to one another and providing access to the expertise and resources within AB InBev.